How to Easily Make Fabric Bowl Covers To Use Instead of Plastic Wrap

Learn how to make pretty material dish covers to secure your food as a different to cling wrap. A great housewarming present or any event gift.

Fabric bowl covers in 3 prints

While buying with my sister as well as close friend in the strip district, I dropped in at Loom, a beautiful fabric shop packed with premium materials, notions, as well as classic pieces. In the front, they have an area of fat-quarters for $3.50.

Fabric bowl covers in 3 prints

If you are into collecting attractive fabric patterns, you may have located on your own with a couple of fat quarters These are perfect for creating textile dish covers that you can utilize outdoors, as well as in the refrigerator, to safeguard your food.

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fat quarters.

In case you have not come across the term “fat-quarter,” is simply indicates a sample of material measuring 18 ″ x 22.” Just like beauty packs, you can buy these in collections for quilting and crafts. Some places such as Loom, just have a selection for you to select from, to make any type of task, or to add to your collection.

I like the idea of using these to keep out pests in the summer season, when eating outdoors or barbecues.

Trio of material bowl covers

fat quarters

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Material Bowl Covers
Can you utilize them in the microwave
I would not use them in the microwave, just since I’m uncertain what chemicals from the material could leach into the food.
Does the scent of other foods make its means via the material or vice versa, do strong odors penetrate the refrigerator with the fabric
I have not noticed this to be a trouble in the short-term. Nevertheless, if I’m placing something in the fridge for an extended period I do not make use of these covers, Rather, I utilize reusable plastic containers with tight-fitting covers.
Can you use oilcloth or more powerful product for more security?
I have actually not attempted this but would certainly presume it would work. My only issue would be the washability of the oilcloth.
They look a great deal prettier than foil or plastic wrap and also can be made to coordinate with your kitchen area or any type of motif you would certainly like.

Wash and also recycle as required. I clean them in chilly water as well as line completely dry.

Would not these textile bowl covers make a good housewarming present? You can make something tasty, and bring it to the brand-new homeowners, total with the dish and cover as part of the gift.

See all the information listed below in the detailed printable tutorial.


  • Cotton fabric – I used three fat quarters but depending on the size of your bowls you may not even need that much.
  • 1/4 inch elastic cord
  • Coordinating thread
  • small safety pin


  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • pinking shears
  • tape measure or ruler
  • pencil
  • iron


    1. Place your bowl upside down on the wrong side of the fabric. Trace 2 inches out from the bowl with a pencil.upside down bowl on fabric
    2. Cut with pinking shears to prevent the edges from fraying. Another option is to use an overcast stitch instead of pinking shears.pinked edge of circle fabric
    1. Fold over the finished edge 1/2 inch and sew, leaving a 2-inch opening at the end.folded edge of fabric and stitched
    2. Cut a piece of elastic cord about 5 inches smaller than the circumference of your bowl. Then attach a small safety pin to one end of the elastic.Safety pin on end of elastic thread
  1. Thread the elastic through the fabric, using the safety pin to help you push it through. Once it is all the way through, remove the safety pin, and sew the ends of the elastic together on the machine, or by hand.Threading elastic through fabric channel
  2. Finish by hand stitching the opening closed.
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