How to Sew: Free Quick & Easy Hexagon Zipper Pouch

I LIKE to be arranged, but it’s a battle.

I have actually missed out on place/lost lots of things in my life (like my interaction ring, yikes!).

That’s why I have actually realized the value of predictable and also established areas for things. Making the effort to constantly put things back in a collection location has conserved me a great deal of headaches and frantic scrambling around your house.

One of those game-changing “established locations” is this zippered pouch for my earphones. They appear, they get made use of, and they go back in. Even if I misplace the Hexagon Zipper Bag, it is a great deal simpler to locate a brilliantly tinted hexagon than it is to discover tiny white headphones!

This Hexagon Zipper Pouch is ideal for those little products that obtain shed conveniently but are in fact essential.

The chap-stick you enjoy, however constantly lose (then you buy another one only to discover it the day after). Dollar expenses, bobby pins, loose change, nail clippers, headphones, many things!

The Hexagon Zipper Pouch is what everyone requires. I keep mine in my purse (once more, a collection location) and it constantly is available in useful.

The Hexagon Zipper Pouch is a fantastic job for beginners! Quick as well as easy with a free pattern, this pouch makes up in no time at all. Perfect area for earphones, chap-stick, and odds and also finishes!
Now you may be believing, “A zipper? This is past my stitching ability!” But you would certainly be incorrect.

This pouch is ideal for novices and an excellent method to learn just how to sew a zipper! And also it is unbelievably fast to make!

You’ll have a lot fun sewing, you’ll wind up making 3! I guarantee! They make remarkable little presents as well as a wonderful means to offer cash (simply whiz it up inside!).

Allow’s begin!

If you are a real sewing newbie check out this roundup BELOW of 20 Practical Sewing Tutorials for Beginners! It’s a wonderful area to start.

FREE Hexagon Zipper Bag Pattern
For your cost-free copy of the pattern click the switch listed below. It will be emailed to you when submission.

KEEP IN MIND: The pattern download is JUST the hexagon pattern items. All instructions are discovered on the blog listed below.

Visit this site for Your FREE Hexagon Zipper Pouch Pattern

* Please keep in mind that totally free patterns are licensed for personal usage just. You may not market products made from the pattern (gifting is great). By downloading and install the pattern you are agreeing to this certificate.

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Main Textile: This will be the fabric outside of the ended up item. This job can be made with any type of kind of material. I discover great quilting cotton functions well as well as is tough sufficient, without being large. Enjoy with colors, patterns, as well as also applique!
Lining Textile: This is the textile for the within the pouch. Cotton functions just fine. Attempt a different color lining textile for a pop!
String: I directly like Gutermann Sew-All Thread. I find it is the appropriate equilibrium in between top quality and also rate. Honestly, a high quality thread can make a big difference in a piece and also for your equipment.
Fabric Scissors or Rotating Cutter, Leader, and Floor covering
Pinking Shears
All Function 7 ″ Polyester Zipper: Whatever color you pick and it does not need to be invisible.
Split Trick Chain Ring
Stitching Device
Iron & Ironing Board
Just how to Sew the Hexagon Zipper Bag
Step 1
Eliminate the paper pattern that you have downloaded and published making use of the link over.

ALWAYS iron your textile prior to you removed your pattern! Always.

No matter if you use fabric scissors or a rotary cutter to cut your textile, however a rotating cutter is terrific because you can stack your textile and also reduced two items at the same time! Super quick!

From your Key Material cut the following:

sew first side

One Hexagon from Key Fabric
2 Partial Hexagons from Key Textile
One Rectangular Shape from Key Material
From the Cellular lining Fabric reduced the following:

One Hexagon from Lining Textile
Two Partial Hexagons from Lining Material
All done!

Step 2

sew second side
Initially, lay your zipper in front of you. Make sure your zipper is whized up, as well as encounter up!

Take one of your Key Material Partial Hexagons and also position it ideal side down (patterned or most lively side down) across your zipper.

Right in the center of your zipper (the zipper pull is over it).

sew first side
Line up the straight edge of your Partial Hexagon with the far side of the zipper. So the zipper is UNDER the Partial Hexagon and the edges are lined up. Pin it in place.

Sew 1/4 inch from the straight edge of the zipper and also Partial Hexagon.

You can make use of a zipper foot or a common presser foot. If you do not have a zipper foot and also your zipper falls straight under the foot, you’re not going to obtain a straight seam. It needs to be either inside the foot, alongside the needle, or outside the presser foot. Experiment and measure to make certain your seam is 1/4 inch.

After you have actually stitched your seam, trim your strings as well as push the Partial Hexagon flat as well as open with your han (don’t iron).

Action 3

flip, sew down side
sew second side
Take your various other Main Fabric Partial Hexagon as well as position it right side down on top of the zipper like you carried out in Action 2. It is going to lay throughout the zipper and across the OPEN Partial Hexagon you just sewed.

Line up the top and also bottom edges of the Partial Hexagon with each various other as well as the straight side with the side of the zipper.

Sew 1/4 inch seam down the entire Partial Hexagon as previously.

With your hand press the fabric open, so you have a total hexagon before you.

Tip 4

sew down side
Next off, we are mosting likely to sew the Cellular lining Fabric Partial Hexagons to the zipper.

Both Key Material Partial Hexagons require to be moved to one side (One is closed as well as one is open). They must resemble they are aiming parallel.

After that turn the task over. Zipper face down!

In a similar manner to in the past, put the lining material FACE DOWN on top of the back of the zipper.

flip, sew downside.
Align the straight edge of the Partial Hexagon with the straight side of the zipper, where there is no overhang from the Key Textile Partial Hexagons.

Also, align the top and bottom keeping that of the Key Partial Hexagons on the other side. Pin.

Stitch a little 1/4 inch from the side.

* A scant 1/4 inch is simply slightly less than 1/4 inch. NOT a 1/8th inch, just much less than 1/4th inch. This will certainly assist when you open it up to align much more precisely with the front partial hexagons.

Cut threads, and use your finger to press open.

Tip 5
sew down side

top stitch down sides
Repeat the same procedure in Step 4. Move all the front partial hexagons to one side as well as line up your last Lining Textile Partial Hexagon.

Similar to before, line it up. Side of the zipper, top & bottom in line with all the various other pieces.

Sew little 1/4th inch.

Utilize your hand to open it up flat. Open all the partial hexagons so their best sides are encountering out.

Currently you are going to press the joints. Read listed below about pressing. The factor you waited to press the seams previously, is so you can line them all up.

You are going to push each seam to set the threads. Then you are mosting likely to open all the partial hexagons as well as align the points and edges best you can. Good sides of the material need to be dealing with out.

With every little thing aligned, press the seams level.

Exactly how to Press
When you push a joint you need to first place your iron on top of your just stitched seam (prior to you open it). The warm will assist “set” the seam in place. Then, open it flat as well as press.

The distinction between ironing and also pressing a seam is you don’t utilize a back and forth activity when you push! You place your iron straight on top with some stress. (It does not need to be long, you do not wish to shed your material) This will aid you to not distort your material. The backward and forward motion of ironing can actually stretch fabric as well as isn’t helpful for piecing as well as quilts.

Action 6
Currently you must have a full hexagon with a zipper down the center!

fold tab

leading stitch disadvantages
Give it an ultimately press on both sides, ensuring everything lines up best you can. If it isn’t ideal, do not sweat it! Really, you’re doing terrific!

With everything open as well as Main Material face up, you’re going to leading stitch down each side of the zipper.

Establish your stitch length to 3 mm. Stitch 1/4 inch from the straight edge of the Partial Hexagon.

Repeat beyond.

Action 7
Next we are going to get the tab all ready.

The Hexagon Zipper Pouch is a great project for beginners! Quick and easy with a free pattern, this pouch sews up in no time. Perfect place for headphones, chap-stick, and odds and ends!

Take your rectangular shape, reduced from your Main Textile, and place it with the right side down.

First, fold it with the brief edges together, hamburger style. Press.

Next, open it up and also find the crease you simply made. With the ideal side of the textile still deal with down, fold up the top edge to the fold, and also press. Then fold up the lower side as much as the crease and also press.

fold tab
Now you have both long sides folded up to the middle.

Fold once more. Press. All the lengthy sides must be folded inside and you need to have a nice slim rectangular shape.

Sew 1/8th inch seam from both sides.

Tip 8
Currently we are going to take care of the zipper

sew across zipper

First, whiz your zipper halfway down to just over the middle of your hexagon.

We are now going to stitch throughout the zipper to keep it shut.

The Hexagon Zipper Bag is an excellent project for beginners! Quick and easy with a free pattern, this bag finishes in no time. Perfect area for earphones, chap-stick, and chances and ends!
Here’s an example on a different zipper! Make your stitches listed below the edge of the hexagon.
Set your maker to a zig-zag stitch. Your stitch length must be 0 or.1, because you do not wish to take a trip. The size must be readied to 5.5 or 6 to go across the whole size of the zipper teeth.

sew throughout zipper.
The zipper ought to be open at the top. Push the two edges of zipper teeth together under the presser foot (you can pin if you want or use your hands to press it together under the foot).

Sew throughout the zipper simply listed below the top side of the hexagon. This keeps the zipper closed. Stitch across numerous times so you have a wonderful bump of stitches.

Currently do the very same point for all-time low, just above the bottom of the hexagon.

Step 9
Now to include the tab where you simply stitched the zipper together.

sew across tab

sew throughout tab
Fold the rectangular shape tab you created symphonious 7, in fifty percent.

Area the fold directed down, toward the unzipped zipper, as well as the raw sides up.

The raw side should be 1/4th inch over the top side of the hexagon, right on top of the zipper. Dead center.

Sew throughout the tab just above the top side of the hexagon to keep it in its location above the zipper.

Optional Action
If you wish to include any type of applique or embroidery to the back, now is the time.

Applique can be included in the Key Fabric Hexagon, which will be the back side of your Hexagon Zipper Bag.

The Hexagon Zipper Bag is a great job for beginners! Quick and also easy with a free pattern, this bag sews up in no time. Perfect place for earphones, chap-stick, and odds and also finishes!
I added a heart to two of my pouches and also a charming really felt honey bee for an additional.

The pattern for the heart as well as bee can be discovered in the downloadable pattern.

I cut the honey body from black felt. After that I used basting spray to tack it to the Main Material hexagon. I utilized yellow embroidery string to stitch across the body, developing stripes and also stitching the felt to the textile. I utilized the same process to attach the wings on the top.

Action 10
We are ultimately ready to construct everything with each other!

The Hexagon Zipper Pouch is a great project for beginners! Quick and easy with a free pattern, this pouch sews up in no time. Perfect place for headphones, chap-stick, and odds and ends!

Unzip the zipper to half means down or a lot more.

Area the Main Material Partial Hexagons as well as zipper encounter up.

Following area the Key Material FULL Hexagon ideal side down on top of the zippered hexagons

So now the two right sides are together.

Then position the Cellular lining Material full Hexagon right side UP on top of your huge sandwich of material.

pile hexagons.
Pin all of it together with all the sides aligned.

Obtained it! Two Key Material face together. Two Lining Textile right sides out.

Step 11
Stitch 1/4 inch around the outside.

stack hexagons

To make sure tough points on your hexagon bag start stitching off the side of the textile.

Stitch in half an inch and after that back-stitch entirely back to the edge. Stitch throughout the side. When you reach the opposite edge back-stitch again half an inch.

side stitches
Now you can either quit as well as clip your strings and also begin the next side or stop stitching, draw your job far from your equipment (so your thread in your device takes out an inch) and revolve your task for the following side. Your threads will remain attach and you can clip them after.

Whatever, CONSTANTLY begin each side from the edge! Do not pivot at the points.

* IDEA * Back-stitching over the zipper when you are sewing around, will certainly generate a stronger bag.

Remember those zig-zag stitches we stitched across the zipper? Restitch throughout the zipper on both finish appropriate next to the joint. However outside of the seam, not inside. This is essential for stopping your zipper from coming un-stitched.

Step 12
Making use of pinking shears, cut the joint allowance throughout the factors. Look out so you do not cut the seam.

side stitches

Cross the edges initially!

After that trim around all the edges as close as you can with your pinking shears. Routine scissors will certainly function as well, however pinking shears help protect against fraying.

On top, with the zipper and tab, you might need to make use of more powerful scissors. It is a little large.

Tip 13
Since you have trimmed the sides, transform your bag inside out through the opening in the zipper.


Utilize a blunt point like an unopened pen or blunt tipped scissor (absolutely nothing sharp that could poke through) to press out the edges and points of your hexagon.

* POINTER * If you likewise push along the side seams with your blunt-tipped object you can really obtain a straighter seam. Or else, the sides will certainly curve in.

Press the sides and also everything level.

Step 14
Currently you are mosting likely to leading stitch This will maintain all the trimmed borders behind a seam and far from injury.

top stitch

Establish your stitch length to 3 for a longer stitch. Sew around the top 1/4th inch from the sides. Pivot in the corners for a continual seam around.

leading stitch.
Include your split vital chain ring to your tab if you wish to utilize it on an essential chain!

Currently load your Hexagon Zipper Bag with your earphones, chap-stick, and also probabilities and also finishes to maintain them secure!

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