How to sew straight: this tiny foot can create remarkable results

I typically obtain a concern from my readers– exactly how to sew directly?

In this overview I will show you just how to conveniently maintain stitching lines directly. I will discuss topstitching mostly because maintaining joint allocations equal is a different subject and I have a separate sewing tutorial on it as well as on using different sorts of seam overviews– examine it out right here.

What is a leading stitch?
It’s a row of stitches that appear on the right side of a thing generally after seams are attached as well as can be practical or attractive.

Have you ever had troubles with misaligned sewing lines? I bet you had. Even intermediate sewists are struggling sometimes to do it and also had to tear and also redo sewing.


It’s nice to look at the work of an expert seamstress– all the sewing lines are right, the joints look best. And also you always have this feeling that it’s so easy to replicate! Yet as soon as you start stitching you see that it’s more challenging than you thought before as well as it’s unlikely that you will stitch straight from the get go.

To me, it’s typically adequate to consider the topstitching as well as promptly determine who made the thing– an amateur or a pro. I such as to put on garments I made myself yet I will certainly never ever before use something if the stitching lines are not straight and done carelessly.

When I found out sewing I made use of to constantly bother with making topstitching for my task I worked hard to produce. Often I also avoided any type of topstiting since I was afraid I wouldn’t make it right. I was informed that I need more experience and practice and afterwards I can always do it effectively. But I wished to have beautiful stitching lines from the beginning. And I believe you are the same– you want to stitch right even if you are just a novice.

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Modern innovation offers us so many various tools we can use to boost our sewing skills.

As a matter of fact, stitching in a straight line is much easier than you think. And in this overview I intend to aid you to sew straight each time.

First off, let me reveal you exactly how to make straight topstitching close to the textile sides and keep the sewing line alongside the side.

Obviously, we can use a stitching maker throat plate but for me it works mainly when I am sewing not so near the side as well as mostly for stitching joints not topstitching.

I make use of special presser feet for straight topstitching easily.

Initial foot is called Side Overview foot (from Janome). My sewing maker is Janome Memory Craft 6600 P, so I often tend to utilize presser feet made by Janome. Yet this foot deals with all low-shank modern-day makers. I have Babylock sewing device and also the foot works perfectly likewise.

It has a screw which you can resort to adjust a white plastic guide and align it with the material edge. It likewise has little red lines– the distance in between them is precisely 1 mm so you can stitch as close to the side as 1 mm, and also as far from the edge as 10 mm.

This foot is a snap-on foot as almost all modern presser feet are. Get rid of the other foot from the stitching equipment and also mount this one– it’s actually easy. Just clip it on.

Placement the needle at the range you desire the stitch to be from the fabric edge, as well as lower the needle. I desire it to be just 1 mm from the side.

Lower the foot and also transform the adjusting screw to carefully straighten the plastic guide with the fabric edge.

While stitching maintain assisting the fabric edge along the overview– this is truly easy to do!

Do not take a look at the needle, concentrate on the white overview bar
Hold the textile gently– don’t pull or press
Do not sew very quick also
See on your own currently– I easily created the excellent topstitching line 1 mm from the textile side. It’s nice and also even.

You can topstitch all sorts of cuffs, collars, belts, hems. The foot can be used with all sort of fabric– from heavyweight jeans to great lightweight chiffon. In the video below you can see just how I make straight stitching lines with different textiles.

Even if I try to stitch badly the foot will not let me– whenever the sewing lines are completely right.

If you want to buy this Side Guide presser foot check out this link.

As well as currently let’s see exactly how we can topstitch along a joint made when we sign up with 2 items of textile together.

Line up the white overview bar with the seam. Stitch at the close distance– 1 mm as an example. As well as afterwards you can do the second line very easily.

There are likewise other presser feet that can be utilized for the exact same objective. They look a little bit different from the foot I have yet it seems they work the very same. And sometimes they also called in a different way (like Blind Stitch foot).

Get a lot more information on Presser Feet right here.
I have anoher presser foot that’s called Blind Stitch foot, however I utilize it for right also topstitching additionally.

The fabric overview is metal in this case but there is also a screw and also you can move the steel overview with this screw as well as straighten it with the fabric side. Exactly how to use this one? It’s precisely the like with the previous one.

Install it initially. Lower the needle at the beginning point. I want it to be 1 mm from the side. Now align the guide with the fabric side by transforming the screw. Reduced the foot and also stitch maintaining the material side along the guide.

Acquire Blind Stitch presser foot right here.
I obtained a comment on my pin for sewing straight (from Pinterest)– one girl found a much easier option to the problem: “Do not consume alcohol and sew”. While it absolutely can help to sew straight it’s all simply preference. I personally don’t such as to have a beverage while sewing yet as lengthy as you’re having fun and not collapsing your stitching machine who cares.

In the photos below you can see how I utilize this foot for my 100% silk material, I stitch extremely really near to the side. I made a shirt and a skirt in classic style from this natural silk textile as well as straight topstitching needed to be ideal due to the fact that you can’t rip stitches on silk fabric– you will certainly have holes from needles. I utilized these magic presser foot and all topstitching was great.


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